just trying to make a simple pong game in p5.js. I have very recently gotten into JavaScript and can't manage to figure out collision detection between the ball.... Oct 18, 2016 We have moved on from video production to programming in p5.js, and I'm ... We built a basic game of pong in class and the goal now is to modify the ... To make the paddles (bricks) bounce the ball, parameters are set on.... Sep 24, 2019 Battle of the introductory game dev tutorials by myself and my student Squitato => ... Create Ping Pong Ball ... NOTE: For the PongJS demo, you will need to manually install p5.play.js as it is not available via CDN =>.... I also teach P5.js and App lab/Game Lab on code.org to my 7th and 8th graders in their ... Moving with Arrow keys, move character or ball with arrow keys.. Sketch: https://editor.p5js.org/nkumar23/sketches/GoX7ueD-... ... As the balls collide with the rectangles, the note associated with the ball plays through the ... to explore using springs and forces + step up my object-oriented programming game.. check this library, it contains the code for collision detection: https://github.com/bmoren/p5.collide2D var playerx = 400; var z = 0; var playery = 750; var ball = { x:.... Then you'll send the output of that serially to p5.js and use it to move a virtual version of the Nano onscreen. ... To make this happen, you need to add a few things to your p5.js sketch. ... Screenshot of a p5.js sketch running in a browser. a light blue ball ... An action game that reacts to how hard you hit a punching bag? 538a28228e

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