by MB Calford 2003 Cited by 88 primary visual cortex (V1) of adult cats and monkeys weeks after either matched binocular ... intact eye to serve as a control for inadvertent direct effects of the chemical deactivation ... per hr) and dexa- methasone (2 mg/ml; 0.2 mg/kg per hr).. by JD DeWitt 2016 on land cover and topography through remote sensing analysis: ... Leaf-on and leaf-off DSMs were compared to highlight the effect of ... soon after its closure. ... v1 was created photogrammetrically from a compilation of cloud-free ASTER ... crop/ wetland, which represent 4.1%, 72.2%, 17.5% and 0.2% of the land use for the.... Describe the effects of gravity on objects in motion. ... A tennis ball will reach the ground after a hard baseball dropped at the same time. ... altitude, underlying geological formations, and local topography, the average ... Solution for Velocity v1.. by T Siepmann 2017 Cited by 61 Long-term cerebral white and gray matter changes after ... at p = 0.2 to identify the strongest independent predictors of structural ... These studies did not evaluate the effects of preeclampsia on brain ... Standards for Reporting Vascular Changes on Neuroimaging (STRIVE v1): neuroimaging standards for.... by T Knapen 2021 Cited by 8 Detailed topographic connectivity with primary visual cortex during ... In effect, RC allows us to project the retinotopy of V1 into the rest of the brain. ... was performed using FreeSurfer, after which the individual subfields were warped to the ... Only V1 vertices with a pRF-fit within-set R2 of >0.2, a peak pRF.... Jun 4, 2020 After each of these extractions, the solutions were centrifuged, and the ... When considering the effects of topographic position and soil layer on soil ... higher than that of SOC (11.7 0.2) and MOC (11.1 0.2) (p < 0.001), and the POC ... study can be found in: by HA Baseler 1999 Cited by 253 mains in LGN and primary visual cortex (V1) during a critical period early in ... topographical remapping of sensory space can occur after pri- ... attributable to partial volume effects by the relatively large func- ... 0.2) were also averaged.. by SJ Leuthold 2021 Understanding how landscape topography impacts cover crop production, and in turn affects ... maize grown after fallow or after a cereal rye cover crop. ... content of 10% led to an increase of 0.2 Mg ha-1 in total clover biomass. ... III sums of squares ANOVA using lme4 in R (v1.1-23 Bates et al., 2015).. by L Xu 2021 (F) Association of GBM-enriched SE domains with TFs and effect of ... of indicated proteins in orthotopic xenograft tumors (NNI-11) after 24-hour treatment. ... were used for stereotaxic cell implantation (0.2 million cells in 2 l of PBS). ... and subjected to transcript quantification using RSEM v1.3 based on.... by L Yang 2020 Cited by 13 The synergistic effect of CDMs combined with topography on osteogenic ... Cells were incubated at 37 C with 5% CO2, and after 24 h, the growth medium was ... F1000Res 2013, 2, 68 71, DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.2-68.v1 ... sputter-coated tantalum surfaces with low surface roughness. by R GEORGE 1990 Cited by 302 actual topographic effects and surface conductivity heterogeneities. In their in- troductory ... Above 0.2 s, additional lateral effects superimpose to. Fig. 2. ... U.S.A. showing short and long period MT static shifts (after Jiracek et al., 1989b). ... GEORGE R. JIRACEK. 30. 0. V1. Ld. bJ. -" -30. bJ r~. -60. -90. 10'. 104 v} 10 = n,,. bJ. 219d99c93a

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